Is Silver Maple Good Firewood? A Comprehensive Guide

In the realm of fuel sources for heating and ambiance, firewood remains a traditional and timeless choice. Silver maple stands out as a viable contender among the various options available. So, is silver maple good firewood?

Join us as we delve into the qualities, advantages, and considerations of using silver maple as firewood. In the end, we hope you’ll clearly understand whether silver maple is a good choice for your firewood needs.

Overview of Silver Maple

Silver maple (Acer saccharinum) is a deciduous tree known for its fast growth and silver-gray bark.

It’s native to North America, primarily found in the eastern and central regions of the US and southern Canada. It is a large-sized tree with a rounded crown and a straight trunk.

The leaves of the Silver Maple are palmately lobed and feature a distinctive silvery-white underside. This fast-growing tree produces small, yellowish-green flowers in early spring and paired winged seeds called samaras.

It thrives in various soil conditions, including wet or poorly drained areas, and is often found near riverbanks and floodplains.

Is Silver Maple Good Firewood?

Silver maple is good firewood but not the best. It provides a decent amount of heat, burns relatively clean, and produces a pleasant aroma. While it may not match the heat output of hardwoods, it can still serve as a reliable source of warmth.

Silver maple firewood offers a decent amount of heat when correctly seasoned. Its BTU (British Thermal Unit) ranges between 17.0 and 20.1 million per cord.

While this heat output may be lower than hardwoods, it can still provide sufficient warmth, especially when burned in a well-insulated space.

The heat output of silver maple depends on proper seasoning (drying) of the wood, efficient burning techniques, and the design and efficiency of the wood-burning appliance used.

Well-seasoned Silver Maple firewood that has been adequately dried to a moisture content of around 20% will burn more efficiently and provide better heat output.

Characteristics of Silver Maple as Firewood

Let’s now look at the features of silver maple and deduce whether it’s an acceptable firewood option.

Density and Weight

Silver maple has a moderate density. It is not as dense as some hardwoods like oak or hickory but is denser than many softwoods. The weight of silver maple wood ranges from about 28 to 40 pounds per cubic foot, depending on the specific conditions.

Moisture Content

The moisture content of properly seasoned silver maple firewood is around 15% to 20%. This level of moisture allows for efficient and clean burning.

On the other hand, fresh or unseasoned silver maple wood will have a higher moisture content, often exceeding 50%.

You’ll need to properly season silver maple firewood to achieve optimal moisture content for effective heating and to avoid potential issues during burning.

Silver Maple BTU Value

Silver maple has a BTU ranging from 15 to 20 million BTUs per cord of wood. So, is silver maple good firewood? 

Silver maple’s BTU value is lower than hardwoods such as oak or hickory. As a result, silver maple as firewood might generate less heat than denser hardwoods.

Burning Qualities

When it comes to burning, silver maple produces a relatively clean flame with smooth and sweet-smelling smoke. It may create more smoke and sparks than other woods.

This firewood may not generate as much heat as hardwoods like oak, but it can still produce a cozy ambiance and a pleasant aroma.

Silver maple wood tends to burn quickly, so it may not provide a long-lasting fire compared to slower-burning hardwoods.

Seasoning Time

You should season silver maple wood for about 6 to 12 months. During this time, properly stack the wood and store it in a dry, well-ventilated area. This allows the moisture content to reduce to a suitable level for efficient burning.


Coaling refers to creating hot, glowing embers that continue to produce heat even after the flames have subsided.

While Silver Maple can produce some coals, they may not last as long/provide as much sustained heat compared to denser hardwoods.

Environmental Considerations

Silver maple is a moderately sustainable option, growing relatively quickly in various regions. However, it’s always advisable to ensure responsible sourcing and consider using locally harvested firewood to minimize transportation emissions.

Availability and Affordability

Silver maple is relatively abundant in many regions, making it readily available and affordable compared to some hardwood varieties.

Its accessibility and cost-effectiveness make it a practical choice for those seeking a reliable source of firewood.

Pros and Cons

Below are the merits and demerits of using silver maple as firewood.

Pros of silver maple firewood:

  • Readily available in many regions.
  • Seasoning time is shorter compared to denser hardwoods.
  • It can be used as a supplemental or occasional firewood.
  • Burns relatively easily and ignites quickly.

Cons of silver maple for firewood:

  • Lower energy content compared to hardwoods like oak or hickory.
  • Burns quickly and does not provide long-lasting heat.
  • It can produce more smoke and sparks.
  • Less desirable for consistent and efficient heating.
  • It may require more frequent refueling.

Safety Precaution and Tips

When using silver maple for firewood, it’s essential to follow safety precautions and tips to ensure a safe and efficient fire.

Allow the silver maple firewood to dry and season properly before using it. Ideally, firewood should be seasoned for at least 6-12 months to reduce moisture content and improve burn efficiency.

Silver maple can produce more smoke than other hardwoods, so ensuring proper airflow in your fireplace or wood stove is vital. Keep the air vents open to promote efficient combustion and reduce the chances of smoke buildup.

Keep the silver maple firewood stacked in a well-ventilated area, preferably off the ground, and protected from rain or excessive moisture. Proper storage helps maintain the wood’s dryness and quality.

When burning silver maple, use a well-maintained fireplace or wood stove designed for efficient and safe wood burning. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions and guidelines for proper usage.

Since silver maple can generate more sparks, using a spark screen or guard in front of your fireplace or wood stove can help prevent sparks from escaping and causing accidental fires.

So, Is Silver Maple Good Firewood?

Silver maple is a fair firewood option but not one of the best choices. While it may not match the heat output of hardwoods, it can serve as a supplemental option or be combined with other firewood varieties to achieve the desired balance.