Chicken With an Afro: 14 Stunning Crested Chicken Breeds

Adding diversity and charm to your backyard flock, chicken breeds with afro feathers are captivating and eye-catching. These distinctive birds have fluffy crests resembling afros, which make them stand out among other chicken breeds.

In this blog article, we’ll explore some popular chicken breeds with afro feathers, their characteristics, and why they make an excellent addition to your poultry collection.

Chickens With Afros

Our list of chicken with afros is made up of the following breeds.

  • Silkie Chicken
  • Polish Chicken
  • Sultan Chicken
  • Houdan Chicken
  • Frizzle Chicken
  • Appenzeller Spitzhauben
  • Brabanter Chicken
  • Crevecoeur Chicken
  • Polish Frizzle
  • Sizzle Chicken
  • Sultan Faverolles
  • Svart Hona
  • Top Hat Chicken
  • Vorwerk Chicken

Silkie Chicken

Silkie Chickens are one of the most famous chicken breeds with afro-like feathers. These birds possess a striking feature in the form of a fluffy crest that fully covers their head, resulting in an adorable and highly distinctive appearance. The Silkie breed is highly sought after and cherished by poultry enthusiasts worldwide.

What sets Silkie Chickens apart is not just their captivating plumage but also their gentle and docile nature. They have a calm and friendly disposition, making them excellent choices as pets and suitable for families with children.

Their amiable temperament makes them easy to handle and interact with, contributing to their popularity among chicken keepers.

Silkies come in various colors: black, white, blue, and buff. Their feathers have a distinct texture, lacking the usual barbs that hold them together tightly.

This unique attribute gives their plumage a soft and fluffy appearance, enhancing their overall charm. They also have feathered legs and toes, adding to their picturesque appeal.

Silkie Chickens have a natural inclination towards nesting and incubating eggs. This broody behavior can benefit those interested in hatching eggs naturally or raising other poultry breeds through broody hens.

Due to their smaller size, Silkie Chickens are not ideal for meat production. Instead, they are primarily kept as ornamental or exhibition birds. Their captivating appearance and gentle demeanor often make them popular choices for poultry shows and exhibitions.

Polish Chicken

Polish chickens exhibit an intriguing breed characteristic with their remarkable afro-like crests. These birds possess a distinctive tuft of feathers that adorns the crown of their heads, which can sometimes obstruct their field of vision.

Despite this visual impairment, Polish chickens display a friendly demeanor and a docile nature. They possess charming personalities that captivates poultry enthusiasts.

Polish chickens showcase an array of attractive colors, including white, black, and buff variations. Their plumage adds to their visual appeal, making them stand out in any flock or poultry setting.

This chicken with an afro may require special attention due to its limited eyesight caused by their crest. The crests need careful maintenance to prevent any obstruction of their vision. Regular grooming and monitoring of the crest are necessary to ensure their well-being.

Sultan Chicken

Sultan chickens, originating from Turkey, are a regal and graceful breed known for their magnificent crest, reminiscent of an elaborate afro hairstyle.

These birds possess an abundance of soft and lustrous feathers, which adds to their striking visual appeal. Most of their plumage is white, giving them an elegant and pristine appearance.

A notable feature of the Sultan Chicken is its distinctive v-shaped comb. This comb sets it apart from other chicken breeds and adds to its overall charm.

Sultans have a gentle and calm temperament. They exhibit a docile nature, making them an ideal choice for those seeking peaceful and easygoing chickens in their flock.

Houdan Chicken

The Houdan Chicken (a French breed) captivates with its impressive crests that demand attention. These chickens sport large, puffy crests resembling an extravagant afro hairstyle. This distinctive feature sets them apart and adds a touch of flair to their overall appearance.

Houdan chickens have unique feathers. They showcase mottled black and white plumage, creating a striking and stylish contrast. This distinct color pattern contributes to their charm and makes them visually appealing.

Houdans are known for their calm and friendly temperament. They possess excellent foraging abilities, benefiting those interested in free-range chicken keeping.

Frizzle Chicken

Frizzle chickens possess a distinctive feather type that immediately grabs attention. While they may not have a traditional afro crest, their feathers are captivating.

Unlike typical chickens whose feathers lie flat, Frizzles have feathers that curl outward, creating a frizzy and fluffy appearance. This unique feathering gives them an individual style that adds a touch of eccentricity to any flock.

These afro chickens are available in black, white, and blue. Each color variation enhances their striking appearance, making them stand out even more. Their frizzled feathers contribute to their overall charm and make them a fascinating addition to poultry enthusiasts’ collections.

Frizzles are generally friendly and can make delightful pets. They can adapt well to different flock environments and are popular among chicken enthusiasts looking for unique and visually appealing birds.

Appenzeller Spitzhauben

Appenzeller Spitzhauben chickens are Swiss breeds with prominent crests that resemble stylish afros. Their large and well-developed crests give them a unique and eye-catching appearance.

Known for their active nature and excellent foraging abilities, these chickens thrive in free-range environments. With various color options available, Appenzeller Spitzhaubens offer visual appeal and lively personalities.

Brabanter Chicken

The Brabanter chicken, originally hailing from the Netherlands and Belgium, is a delightful breed known for its charming appearance reminiscent of afro-like feathers.

These chickens have captured the attention of poultry enthusiasts and admirers due to their unique and appealing features.

Their feathers, particularly those on their heads, exhibit a distinctive fluffiness that resembles an afro hairstyle. This feathery tuft adds a touch of whimsy and character to their overall appearance, making them stand out among other chicken breeds.

Brabanters have gained a reputation for their intelligence. They are highly intelligent and alert birds, demonstrating impressive problem-solving and adaptability.

Their sharp intellect makes them an engaging breed to work with and train, and they are favored for their cleverness in various poultry competitions and exhibitions.

This chicken with an afro is friendly and sociable. It exhibits a docile temperament, making it suitable for backyard flocks and human interactions.

Their amiable disposition makes them enjoyable companions and a popular choice for chicken enthusiasts seeking beauty and intelligence in their flocks.

Brabanters come in gold, silver, and cream. Each color variation adds to their visual appeal, allowing poultry enthusiasts to choose the one that best suits their preferences.

Crevecoeur Chicken

The Crevecoeur chicken is a French breed renowned for its unique characteristics. This breed stands out due to its large crest, which resembles an afro hairstyle. The crest is a distinctive feature that sets Crevecoeur chickens apart from other breeds.

Crevecoeurs have beautiful, glossy black feathers. The sleek and shiny plumage adds to their overall elegance and allure. Their feathers are highly prized for their aesthetic appeal, making Crevecoeurs a sought-after breed for poultry enthusiasts and exhibitors.

Originating from Normandy in France, Crevecoeur chickens have a rich history. They have been bred for centuries, with records dating back to the 17th century. These chickens were initially developed for their ornamental qualities and utility as a source of meat and eggs.

This chicken with afro is hardy and adaptable. It is a resilient bird that can thrive in various climates, making it suitable for different regions. With proper care and management, it can adapt well to both free-range and confined environments.

Although Crevecoeurs are primarily known for their black plumage, they may also exhibit occasional white feathers. Black coloration is the breed’s most recognized and desired trait.

Polish Frizzle

The Polish Frizzle chicken is a captivating breed that combines the unique characteristics of the Polish and Frizzle breeds. This hybrid breed showcases both the stylish crest of the Polish chicken and the curly feathers of the Frizzle chicken.

This chicken with an afro has a distinctive crest, a prominent feature of the Polish breed. These crests are a cluster of feathers that grow on their heads, giving them an elegant and stylish appearance.

The crests can vary in size and shape, with some Polish Frizzles exhibiting large, rounded crests while others have more compact crests.

Polish Frizzles have curly feathers that set them apart from other breeds. The curly feathers are inherited from the Frizzle breed, which is characterized by its curled plumage.

The combination of the crest and curly feathers creates a visually striking and charming chicken breed. Polish Frizzles are often sought after by poultry enthusiasts and exhibitors for their ornamental qualities.

They make excellent additions to backyard flocks and can be admired for their unique and whimsical appearance.

They are good layers of small to medium-sized eggs. They are friendly and sociable, making them enjoyable to interact with and handle.

Sizzle Chicken

The Sizzle chicken is a beautiful crossbreed that combines the distinctive traits of two chicken breeds: Silkies and Frizzles. This hybrid breed showcases a unique combination of afro-like feathers and curly plumage, creating a visually striking and fascinating appearance.

The Sizzle chicken inherits its afro-like feathers from the Silkie breed, known for its soft and fluffy plumage.

Silkies have an abundance of fine, silky feathers that resemble hair, giving them a distinctively fluffy appearance. When crossbred with Frizzles, the Sizzle chickens inherit the curly plumage characteristic of Frizzles.

Frizzles are a breed known for their curly feathers. Unlike the smooth feathers of most chicken breeds, the feathers of Frizzles curve outward and curl, creating a whimsical and eye-catching effect.

The Silkie-Frizzle genetic combination creates a unique blend of afro-like feathers and curly plumage.

Sultan Faverolles

The Sultan Faverolles combines the distinct traits of two chicken breeds: Sultans and Faverolles. This hybrid breed inherits Sultan’s crest and the Faverolles’ fluffy appearance, resulting in a visually striking and uniquely charming bird.

The Sultan breed is known for its impressive crest, which consists of a prominent tuft of feathers atop its head. Sultans have a distinctive appearance with a large, showy crest that adds elegance and flair to their overall look. When crossbred with Faverolles, Sultan Faverolles inherits this striking crest feature.

On the other hand, Faverolles are recognized for their fluffy appearance. They have abundant feathering, especially around the body, giving them a soft and cuddly appearance.

The feathers of Faverolles are often described as downy and gentle, creating a pleasant and inviting impression. When crossbred with Sultans, the Sultan Faverolles inherit this fluffy appearance.

The Sultan Faverolles showcases a captivating blend of the Sultan’s crest and the Faverolles’ fluffy plumage. These birds are highly prized for their unique and eye-catching appearance, making them a favorite among chicken enthusiasts and breeders.

Svart Hona

The Svart Hona (Swedish Black Hens) have shiny black feathers and impressive afro-like crests. They have an all-black plumage, which sets them apart from other chicken breeds.

Their feathers exhibit a glossy sheen, enhancing their overall beauty and elegance. This distinctive black coloration results from genetic traits specific to this breed.

Svart Hona chickens have distinctive crests that resemble afros. The crests are characterized by abundant fluffy feathers on their heads, forming a distinct and eye-catching feature. The afro-like crests add a touch of whimsy and charm to these already captivating birds.

Their shiny black feathers and impressive afro-like crests make them a remarkable breed that stands out among other chicken varieties.

Top Hat Chicken

The Top Hat Chicken is a fascinating breed known for its distinctive and eye-catching appearance. These chickens possess a tall crest that resembles a stylish top hat, adding a touch of elegance and charm to their overall demeanor.

A notable feature of the Top Hat Chicken is its impressive crest, which stands tall and upright on top of its head. The crest is composed of fluffy feathers that create a cone-like shape reminiscent of a fashionable top hat.

The crest of the Top Hat Chicken serves both practical and aesthetic purposes. It protects from elements like sun and rain and contributes to their overall beauty and visual appeal.

The size and shape of the crest may vary slightly among individuals, but the general resemblance to a top hat remains consistent.

These chickens are available in different colors, allowing for various striking combinations with their crests. The contrast between the colorful plumage and the elegant top hat-like crest creates a captivating and visually pleasing display.

In addition to their unique appearance, these afro chickens are known for their friendly and docile temperament, making them a popular choice for backyard flocks and hobbyists. They are generally easy to care for and can be a delightful addition to any flock, attracting attention with their stylish and distinguished appearance.

Vorwerk Chicken

The Vorwerk Chicken is a remarkable breed from Germany. These chickens exhibit distinct black and gold plumage, which sets them apart from many other poultry breeds.

Their feathers are predominantly black with rich golden accents. This striking combination of colors creates a visually stunning display, making the Vorwerk Chicken highly sought after by poultry enthusiasts and breeders.

In addition to their remarkable plumage, Vorwerk Chickens possess a tufted crest, adding to their overall charm and appeal.

The crest consists of a collection of feathers on their heads, which can be described as a small, fluffy tuft or crown. While the size and shape of the crest may vary among individuals, it is a characteristic feature that further enhances their distinctive appearance.

Vorwerk Chickens are medium size, with well-rounded bodies and an active and alert demeanor. They are known for their excellent foraging abilities, making them suitable for free-range environments. Their robust nature and adaptability contribute to their popularity among chicken enthusiasts.

These afro chickens are not only admired for their visual appeal but also valued for their egg-laying capabilities. Vorwerk hens are known to be prolific layers of large to extra-large brown eggs, making them a practical choice for those interested in both beauty and productivity.

Due to their German heritage and unique attributes, Vorwerk Chickens have gained popularity worldwide among poultry keepers and breeders.

A Chicken With an Afro is Just Cool

From the adorable Brabanters from the Netherlands to the visually attractive Houdan chickens from France, these crested breeds never fail to leave a lasting impression. With tufts or crests of fluffy feathers on their heads that resemble afros, these chickens bring a touch of charm and individuality to any flock or exhibition.