Whole Roasted Lamb

(contributed by Sam Taylor <staylor@taos.newmex.com>)

Ingredients Directions
  • whole lamb
  • melted butter
  • garlic
  • pepper
  • red chile

This is a method of roasting lamb that works well for us. The meat comes out exceptionally tender. We have done this with lambs up to 90 Lbs. (dressed wt.) It works equally well with whole or quartered lambs.

All we do with the dressed lamb is rub it with a baste made of melted butter with garlic and pepper. Sometimes we add a little red chile. Of course, feel free to add spices that you like. We then wrap the lamb (or quarters) well with tin foil being careful to seal well. A couple of layers of foil is good.

We start out with a pit approximately 4 ft. in diameter, and 3 ft. deep. We line it with rocks and use it a couple or three times a year. By the way, it's probably best to not use rocks from a river bed to line the pit. They can sometimes pop and break if they have absorbed a lot of water and are heated too fast.

We build a fire in the pit and keep a good fire going for three hours. We usually start this at about 7:00 in the evening to be ready about noon the next day. After 3 hours we pull all the coals out to one side of the pit and lay down a couple of layers of old, wet burlap feed sacks. Quickly lay the packages of quarters or the whole lamb down on the wet burlap and cover with a couple of more layers of the wet burlap. Follow this with the remaining coals and then the dirt from the pit. We have tried different times but 14 hours seems to be right. When the 14 hours are up, carefully uncover the lamb. Be careful to not puncture the foil, unwrap and serve.

This sounds like a lot of work, but once the pit is dug and you taste the lamb I bet you'll agree it's delicious.

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