Mac Netscape with the Lamb Recipes

Many of the recipes use the HTML symbols for fractions (½, ¼. ¾). Netscape for the Mac does not render these symbols correctly, showing math symbols instead of the fractions of the ISO-8859-1 font. The symbols do show up correctly in Netscape for other platforms, and in other WWW browsers for the Mac. The problem is not with the recipes or with the local configuration of your browser, but with Netscape for the Mac: see Web Design Group and ISO-8859-1 and the Mac.

If you cannot use a browser which renders the HTML correctly, you can look at the source of the recipes by clicking the right or third button on your mouse while it is on a recipe and selecting View Frame Source. The fractions are mnemonic in the source code of the recipes: ½ is the encoding for 1/2, etc.

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